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Smoking By Denise
 Author: Vesperae August 30, 2011 at 20:11:46 
in reply to: Oh Russia... posted by Mike on August 30, 2011 at 03:00:47
    It looks like virtually all of the text in the "ABC of Smoking" section was stolen verbatim from "Smoking By Denise"...

> A tobacco company in Russia has launched a new brand of cigarettes targeted at teenage girls. The cigarettes have cute colors and taste like fruit. The company also launched a social network site for girls "who are tired of all that talk about how bad smoking is for you: It's in Russian, but Google Translate will give you some idea.
> "I like to smoke? I like to smoke? I just love smoking? Never give up smoking! The smell of smoke pleasant? Cigarettes taste great? I am tired of talking about the dangers of smoking and tedious notation about the cast? favorite cigarette lighters and a click is a good puff of smoke aroma - that's what I need now and forever?"
> "News. Fresh like the first puff."
> Oh, yeah, there is a section on the dangers of smoking, but let's not overdo it, right?
> "If you smoke, but in sports and diet, it is virtually negates the negative effects of smoking."
> On addiction:
> "Last subtlety is the loss of control. If you are not confused by the problems described above, you may find that your self-control is on the level (in spite of the many advantages which we will discuss later). Do not overestimate yourself - you should definitely make sure that cigarette consumption will be permanent and you will not experience the consequences of reducing their number, a partial failure. You'll occasionally indulge your body with nicotine and spend time on it, which is now occupied by something else. Your priorities will change and should be ready for it."
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