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Re: Other preteen NN girls smoking
 Author: surfer007200 July 12, 2011 at 19:18:50 
in reply to: Re: Other preteen NN girls smoking posted by LF on July 12, 2011 at 18:26:35
    Hi LF, I am from England, I think it is a bit more permissive over here perhaps. I lived in a small country town in the 80's at the time I was refering to, although it was also common to see in the nearest city too at the time. I live in London these days, and I dont know if London is different, or just that the times have changed, but it is not so common to see these days where I am, but I still see it here once in a while. I read recently that in some country town in Wales the average age that girls start smoking is only 9, and bear in mind that is the average age, so some must be starting younger than that. Also I've always thought that girls and women in country towns are much more into flirting and more, than big city girls anyway, but maybe that's just the impression I get, but I suspect it's true because in small places there is less to do so they are more likely to get up to naughty things more often because they are bored in a small place. A bit like the old saying, the devil makes work for idle hands... At the time there were loads of teens and young adults who were well into drugs like weed and speed, and quite a few young ones were trying it too, so maybe that supports the idea. But there were definately lots of young girls about then who knew it was sexy to smoke. The memories make me want to move back to the country again, thats for sure!

> I'm glad to hear that a lot of young girls deliberately look hot smoking, and that a lot of guys recognize their hotness and get off on it. I'd imagine that not that many really share our fetish, but that they're getting off on the girls because they DO look hot. I think you're right, a lot of girls you'd think were too young to know how to float our boats are alreadsy onto it. But it's news to me that they're doing it through smoking, and that it's a normal aspect of the culture in at leat one part of the world, i.e. yours. What part is that, btw? Here in L.A. you NEVER see young girls smoking--once a year, if that--and not that young, maybe in their mid-teens (and always tourists or newcomers, not natives). They never look hot, or look as if it mattered to them; but a younger girl might very well try to look hot if she was free to smoke publicly without harassment--which she wouldn't be here. The custom must vary from place to place.
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