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Story: Her Daughter's First 164 - part 1
 Author: Writer May 28, 2011 at 15:30:23 
    Here is a smoking fetish story I wrote. It contains 164s, mother teaching daughter, some lung damage, and some sexual scenes. I've only written part 1 so far - let me know if you want more.

Her Daughter's First 164 - part 1

Her lighter clicked to life and came to the tip of her cigarette to light it. Today was finally the day they had planned for months. Friday, June 14th, 1991. As the flame came in contact with the incredibly long Nat Sherman 164 Jessica took her first drag of the morning. She exhaled a heavy plume of smoke into the living room and put the cigarette back between her lips. She took a cheekhollowing drag and opened her mouth to reveal a ball of creamy smoke beyond her bright white teeth. She inhaled the smoke to the bottom of lungs that craved more of the wonderful smoke her favorite brand of cigarettes provided. Without exhaling she put the filter back to the lips it belonged between and took an even bigger drag into her mouth and filled her lungs with even more smoke. She held the long cylinder between her fingers and her hand held the fresh 164 next to her head as she closed her eyes, a look of absolute pleasure was on her face as a smile crept across her lips. She held the double pump inside her thankful lungs for ten seconds before exhaling a tight stream of smoke into the room that this afternoon would see her daughter Stephanie light up the first extra long 164 of her life. Jessica double pumped again as her finger went between her legs and she thought about watching her ten year old daughter start the process of becoming a smoker.

Her husband Michael had a smoking fetish, and during the course of their twelve year marriage the fetish had definatley transferred to Jessica. Jessica though she might have had the fetish before they met, and Michael just brought it out. Her husband loved watching Jessica smoke, and his favorite brand to see a woman smoke were her Nat Sherman 164s. They watched a lot of smoking fetish videos, trading them with other fetisist. Their favorite video was also one of the most rare: a mother teaching her daughter that couldn't be more than eight or nine years old to smoke. Jessica loved having Michael pleasure her while watching the tender sight of the mother's fingers bringing the cigarette to her daughter's waiting lips. The cigarette looked so much bigger next to such a beautiful small face, and you could tell the daughter had been doing this for a while as the tip of her mom's cigarette glowed bright red and she expertly took the smoke deep into her lungs and held it before exhaling. Jessica would get wet thinking about how fantastic it was that other mothers were helping their daughter's lungs get black at such a young age. She knew that if most people were aware of what she thought about she would be an outcast in society. She knew that if anyone besides her husband was aware of how much she wanted to give Michael a smokey blow job while he watched their daughter smoke a 164 she would probably have child services called on them. Other parents tried to make sure their girls never started smoking but Jessica knew that a young girl smoking an extra long cigarette was the sexiest sight in the world and wanted her daughter to take part.

That morning she chained into her third cigarette of the day as she held the vibrator against her pussy. Jessica was almost a regular two pack a day smoker, something she had tried to achive for the past few months. Eventually she wanted to smoke three cartons of delicious 164s every week, but that was not the goal she had in mind today. No, today was her daughter's tenth birthday, and the first day of Stephanie becoming helplessly addicted to smoking.

As Jessica neared her orgasm she brought the Sherman back to her lips. She wanted as much smoke in her lungs as she could get when she climaxed, so she emptied her lungs of as much air as she could and inhaled the hot smoke directly from the cigarette into her lungs. Jessica got off thinking about how much tar she was pumping into her lungs every time she did this, dragging the wonderful smoke directly inside her for six seconds and filling her lungs with the richest smoke she could. She thought about teaching Stephanie how to direct inhale to blacken her daughter's lungs as quickly as possible, and Jessica orgasamed. Her entire body shook as the thick smoke poured out of her lungs and slowly filled the room with the familiar haze of a smoker's house.

Jessica headed upstairs to get ready for this afternoon. She wanted to look sexy because they were videotaping Stephanie's smoking lessons so they could trade copies, knowing that soon men would be jacking off to the image of her innocent young daughter smoking a long 164. The idea excited her again but she held back, saving herself for tonight.

When Jessica went into the bedroom she looked in the mirror at herself and picked up her pack of cigarettes. She looked at the image reflected back, holding the extra long 164 expertly between her fingers. She wondered how an object could cause so much sexual desire for her and Michael. She put the cigarette between her lips and let it dangle down before she lit it. It was the length of the cigarette that she thought was sexy. Jessica couldn't stand it when she saw a good looking woman smoke a short little cigarette. If anyone made cigarettes longer than her 164mm Shermans she would probaly switch so she could have the extra length. After examining herself in the mirror for a while she again brought the flame to the tip of her cigarette and brought it to life, engaging all of her senses with her favorite activity. She watched herself as she brough the cigarette up for another drag, pulling the most smoke she could into her mouth before she opened it wide so she could see it swirling around inside of her mouth. She started inhaling through her nostrils to start a slow french inhale, watching the smoke drift from her mouth to her waiting nose and down into her greedy lungs.

Jessica loved the feeling of smoke filling her lungs. After the french inhale she watched herself as she started breathing normally without exhaling first. Each breath she let out had just a little bit of smoke come out with it and she smiled knowing how much her lungs were absorbing. She brought the 164 back to her lips, her long manicured fingernails stunning against the burning cigarette. She pumped once on the cigarette and brought the smoke as deep into her waiting lungs as she could, pumped again and doubled the amount of smoke in her lungs, brought the cigarette to her lips for the third time in quick succession, this time taking a slow but heavy drag and sucking it down into her lungs to complete a triple pump.

It took more than two exhales to get the smoke out of her lungs. After neatly trimming the ash off her still long cigarette Jessica decided to see if she could powersmoke the remaining seven inches without taking a breath in between drags. She dangled the cigarette between her lips and brought the first drag into her lungs, holding it for a few moments before exhaling twin streams of smoke out of her nose. During the nose exhale she started on another big drag into her waiting lungs, completing the same cycle as before. Jessica admired the woman she saw in the mirror, a long cigarette between her lips, smoke pumping in and out of her lungs without the need to stop for air between her powersmoking drags. She saw someone reflected back that she was proud of. No one she knew had lungs with as much capacity for smoke as her.

She watched the cigarette quickly get shorter as the smoke kept getting hotter inside of her. Halfway through her cigarette she quickly took it out of her mouth after a drag to trim off the inches of ash that built up. Before she even started the exhale Jessica had the cigarette back between her lips ready to continue pumping the smoke inside her. She was starting to feel the effects of the nicotine after smoking so much so quickly but was determined to finish the cigarette without another breath of air. Another drag, another exhale, she watched herself through the haze of smoke between her and the mirror, watched the cigarette get shorter and shorter. Finally she was down to the last drag on her cigarette, direct inhaling it into her lungs as she crushed the once long cigarette into the ashtray. She smiled at herself before letting a tight stream of smoke out of her lungs, she smoked an entire Nat Sherman 164 in under two minutes. As she took her first breath that didn't contain a massive amount of smoke her lungs felt empty, missing the rich smoke that filled them up.

Jessica thought to herself that tomorrow she might try to powersmoke two 164s in a row to show off to her daughter Stephanie. Jessica lit another cigarette as she walked away from her mirror to start getting ready. Tonight she had the once in a lifetime opportunity to give her daughter her first of many long cigarette she would smoke throughout her lifetime. Time to get ready.
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