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She started smoking very young.
 Author: Student January 17, 2011 at 14:06:04 
    Some bios in the celeb smoking list have quotes from the stars or their followers about the age she started smoking. Here are some celeb preteen smoking girls.
Drew Barrymore - smoked at age 9 -10. Her own bio. book
Patricia Arquette - smoked at age 11 to spite mom.
Diane Lane -color photo around of her holding cigarette with her mom and diane Keaton when she was 12.
Chyler Leigh - started smoking at age 12 when she became a model.
Jenny McArthey - Started to smokewhen she was 12 to show off.
Selma Blair - have been a smoker since I was 12 - her own words
Tuesday Weld- started smoking at age 10 when she was a child model.
Loretta Young-started smoking at age 9 - her own words.
Who knows of any others??For SURE.
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