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Twink's Little Stars
 Author: Nat January 17, 2010 at 11:20:35 
in reply to: TLS history posted by Pierre on January 17, 2010 at 06:36:01
    I'll do my best to fill you in on what I know. Others may have more or better information and detail.

'TLS Productions' was a website whose primary content involved young girls smoking. The girls were almost all under 18, with some as young as 6 or 8 years old.

TLS stood alternatively for 'Twink's Little Stars', 'Twink's Little Smokers', or 'Tiny Little Smokers', depending on who you listened to and what part of the website you were on.

There were also mother/daughter and older sister/younger sister themes. Most of the people involved in the productions seemed to be from the South - Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Tennessee, but that's just a guess/observation on my part.

Your timeframe for operations is approximately correct; they did start around '98 or '99; the website was down for awhile, then resurrected for a year or so, and finally went away permanently, but I don't remember the specific timeframes there.

There is TLS content out there. While I'm not a big proponent of 'sharing' copyrighted material, I do think it would be good to find some way for the SF community to share files. Kinda our own little SF Peer-to-Peer file sharing network...

Any interest?
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