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Re: A young girl starts smoking pt2
 Author: P May 6, 2003 at 11:41:28 
in reply to: A young girl starts smoking posted by P on May 6, 2003 at 06:18:50
    Helen made her way from the lounge to the kitchen, her
parents still wouldn’t be up for at least another hour so
she decided to have some breakfast, opening the cupboard
she surveyed the choice of cereals. “What should I have,
porridge, corn flakes, bran flakes, uhmmm” she said as her
eyes fell upon her parents supply of cigarettes. Her mother
she guessed smoked about 2 packs a day and her father
slightly more although it was hard to tell as he was away
from home a lot driving his truck. Both her parents were
staunch Marlboro Red smokers and she often heard them
comment on how other cigarettes just didn’t cut it. Being
such heavy smokers they probably don’t know how many packs
are in here she thought, and wouldn’t miss one if it went
missing. Quickly glancing around to double check she was
alone she grabbed a pack and thrust it into her dressing
gown pocket, her heart beating so hard and fast she could
almost hear it. At that moment she heard a coughing noise
as one of her parents descended the stairs, she could see
the stairs where she stood and noted her mother coming down
the stairs, quickly she busied herself with making herself
some breakfast, painfully aware that the smell of smoke in
the lounge was fresh and that she had in her pocket the
stolen packet of Marlboro’s. Her mother on entering the
kitchen went immediately for her pack of cigarettes left on
the table from the night before and lit up. Helen watched
in awe as her mother took three consecutive deep drags from
the cigarette making the end glow brightly, before she
removed it from her lip smoke still pouring from its
filter, her mother didn’t seem to exhale any of the smoke
rather hold it all in as if trying to get as much into her
as possible, as she reached to turn on the coffee machine
she again placed the burning cigarette between her lips and
while filling the pot took three more consecutive drags
while it dangled, smoke billowing from her nostrils as she
did so. She then seated her self at the kitchen table
opposite Helen and continued to take monster drags from her
Marlboro; so intense was her concentration on the cigarette
Helen wondered if she had even seen her at all. In almost 1
minute Helens mother had smoked the entire cigarette, she
extinguished the dark brown misshapen butt in the ashtray
and immediately lit another cigarette, this one was
accompanied by a check hollowing drag and a deep open mouth
inhale, Helen was slightly shocked as she could hear her
mothers lungs rattle and gurgle slightly as she took the
deep breath, sighing slightly Helens mother breathed out a
jet of smoke from her lips which washed over Helen sat
opposite as she visibly relaxed in the chair. “Oh, hi
honey, your up early” said Donna, Helens mom as she trimmed
the ash on her cigarette in the ashtray. “Yeh, I know just
woke up earlier than normal that’s all” said Helen between
spoonfuls of corn flakes. “So what are you up to today? Are
you in or out, me and your father have some shopping to do
so we will probably be out all day” said Donna. Her
thoughts dragged to the pack of cigarettes in her pocket
Helens mind was set. “I’m staying in today, I think I’ll
just listen to some music, may be watch some TV” she lied
as she began to plan her first day as a smoker, well maybe
I’m not lying really, I will watch TV and listen to music,
but I think I will have the odd cigarette every now and
again when I fancy she thought mischievously. Her mother
smoked her second cigarette in a much more leisurely manner
than the first and had just sat down and was lighting her
third when more coughing from the stairs announced her
fathers arrival. Helen watched as her mother stood up and
kissed her father lightly on the cheek as he walked into
the kitchen and passed him the cigarette she had just lit,
she then seated herself and lit up another Marlboro as her
father emulated her earlier frenzied smoking of the first
cigarette of the day, it seemed so fluid and natural the
way they interacted with each other, and not a word was
spoken until her father lit his second cigarette as if
there was some unspoken rule between the two of them about
not disturbing that first cigarette of the day, there
morning ritual developed over 15 years of marriage finally
over they began to chat over coffee and cigarettes about
what they needed to get shopping wise. It was in no doubt
for all to see how made for each other and in love Bob and
Donna were and in turn they were both devoted to their
daughter Helen. Bob often being away weeks at a time to
make enough money so they could all live in relative luxury
and not want for anything. While her parents chatted Helen
quietly slipped off to her room to hide the stolen pack of
cigarettes for later. By the time Helen had dressed and got
ready her parents were just about ready to leave, with the
usual warnings about opening the door to strangers etc her
parents both kissed her goodbye at the door and left for
the shops. Helen watched carefully at her bedroom window as
her mothers car pulled out of the drive and away down the
street, being extra cautious she waited at least 15 minutes
at the window ensuring that they wouldn’t be returning
having forgotten something. Coast clear Helen eagerly
rushed over to her bookshelf and reached behind the books
to extract her pack of Marlboro’s, her palms were slightly
sweaty and her heart beat furiously in her chest in
anticipation of what was to come. Wanting to savour the
moment and not wanting to rush things Helen calmed tried to
calm herself down, remembering all the times her mother had
commented on how well coffee and cigarettes complemented
each other she decided to make herself a cup of coffee
first. Once in the kitchen Helen placed her fresh unopened
pack of Marlboro’s on the kitchen table and then went about
making her coffee. Coffee made Helen retrieved a lighter
from the draw where her parents kept spares and set down at
the kitchen table, she was determined to smoke this
cigarette completely without taking a break. At first she
sat blowing on her coffee to cool it while she admired the
branding on the unopened red and white pack of Marlboro’s,
she had to admit to herself that the pack did look nice.
“Veni-Vidi-Vici, came, saw, conquered, what a strange thing
to put on the pack” she said aloud as she read the Philip
Morris logo. Recently the UK government had enforced new
warnings to be put on packs of cigarettes in the UK
covering almost half of the pack on both sides. Helens pack
had “Smoking seriously harms you and others around you” and
“Smoking when pregnant harms your baby” plastered across it
in large black letters, briefly Helen considered the words
of warning and thought back to earlier in the morning and
her parents coughing as they got up in the morning, obvious
signs of there smoking habit. “Well if it gets to bad I’ll
just quit, but while I’m young I’m going to enjoy myself”
she said aloud as doubts aside she began opening her first
pack of cigarettes. As she pulled the cellophane wrapper
from the pack she thought about the feel of the pack in her
hands, it was quit pleasant she thought and she started to
day dream about smoking in public and walking around in
front of others packet of Marlboro’s in hand for all to see
that she was a smoker, an adult. Next carefully she pulled
out the foil to reveal 20 pristine white cork filters all
waiting for her to turn them a dark brown. Holding the pack
near the ashtray she compared the white filters to the
spent ones smoked by her parents, again her thoughts turned
to what the cigarettes must leave behind inside her lungs
and she found that she got a kind of perverse thrill at the
thought of purposefully putting tar form the cigarettes
into her lungs. With some slight awkwardness Helen managed
to pinch her first cigarette from the pack using her nails,
and placed the cigarette between her eagerly waiting lips.
Helen knew full well that she wouldn’t be addicted to
smoking so soon but the desire to smoke was still there,
the element of naughtiness about smoking and the whole
secretive act made her a little excited as normally she was
such a good girl and always did what she was told. Her
parents had never explicitly told her note to smoke but she
knew full well that it probably wouldn’t go down to well
with them if they knew their pretty little 13-year-old
daughter had stolen cigarettes from them and was smoking.
Finally the waiting was over as she placed the flame from
the lighter to the tip of her cigarette and inhaled. The
smoke washed over her taste buds filling her mouth and as
she had seen others do so many times she opened her mouth
to and inhaled all of the thick white Marlboro smoke deep
into her lungs. It didn’t catch in her throat at all this
time but hit straight into her lungs filling them
completely with the thick tar and nicotine rich smoke.
Immediately the smoke hit her waiting lungs the nicotine
found its root to her brain and her whole body buzzed as
her brain released a bounty of endorphins as if in thanks
for the hit of nicotine. “Uhhhh, that’s good” sighed Helen,
she’d held her breath from the first inhale to allow all of
the rich smoke to absorb into her waiting body and the
massive sigh of pleasure was accompanied by small wisps of
smoke from her nostrils and a faint cone of smoke through
her lips. Again she raised the cigarette to her lips and
took another slightly larger inhale, holding her breath she
tried to hold in the smoke for as longs as possible
enjoying the feeling of the nicotine as it rushed around
her blood stream making every nerve ending tingle. Pursing
her lips she finally exhaled a faint cloud of smoke over
the kitchen table, most of the smoke inhaled she surmised
had been absorbed into her lungs to become part of her
forever. Tapping the ash from her burning cigarette into
the ashtray Helen raised the cigarette to her lips for
another puff, she held her breath only for a matter of
seconds and then watched as a large volume of smoke poured
from her lips as she exhaled, she also noticed tiny
tendrils of some poured from her nostrils at the same time.
This is great she thought it feels so good no wonder why so
many people smoke, I’m even starting to like the taste she
thought as she probed at her mouth with her tongue as she
had done earlier that morning, reaching for her coffee she
blew on it to cool it further before taking a sip and was
astonished to see a very faint amount of smoke still coming
from her lungs, several breaths after her initial exhale.
“This is just so cool” she said to herself after taking a
sip of her coffee, and her mom was so right they did taste
great together, in fact she could honestly say coffee never
tasted so good before. For the remainder of the cigarette
she varied her style trying to mimic the smoking styles she
had seen from other people, she particularly liked to
exhale through her nose as she like look down her nose to
see the smoke pouring out. If anyone had been in the room
with Helen they would of found it quite comical watching
her go cross-eyed as she tried to get a good look at the
smoke exiting her nostrils and lips. By the end of the
cigarette she was starting to feel the effects of the
nicotine again quite badly but her determination to finish
the cigarette right down led her to another smoking first,
as she took her final inhale she noted there was still some
white part unburned just near the filter as she removed it
from her lips, immediately and with grim determination to
smoke the whole cigarette right down to the cork filter
like her parents she replaced the cigarette and preformed
her first double pump, smoke pouring thickly from her
nostrils as she inhaled the final part of the cigarette.
“Wow, what a rush” she said clouds of smoke pouring out of
her as she extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray.
Sipping her coffee Helen sat for a while at the kitchen
table basking in her nicotine rush, eventually as it began
to subside she decided to go into the lounge to watch TV
picking up her cigarettes and lighter she left the kitchen
and sat down on the sofa and began watching some old black
and white movie that was on. Every now and then her eyes
strayed to the red and white pack of Marlboro’s on the
coffee table she couldn’t help it, she kept getting the
urge to smoke, reflecting on how good it was and how she
liked watching the smoke as it drifted out of her mouth.
Resisting the urge she got herself a glass of orange from
the kitchen and continued to watch the old movie, the lead
actress was a beautiful woman with long flowing hair, Helen
didn’t know her name but she must have been famous in the
old days she thought. In almost every scene the woman’s
character was smoking and there was always a queue of
dashing young men waiting to light her cigarettes, it was
very romantic she thought. Watching the woman smoke in
scene after scene Helen finally succumbed and lit herself
another Marlboro, briefly she played with her exhales but
she was now gripped by the film as the drama unfolded and
as if she had smoked all her life began to raise the
cigarette to her lips subconsciously as she stared at the
TV, before she knew it she was inhaling the final part of
her cigarette, as before she performed a double pump to get
that last little bit and then extinguished it in the
ashtray. Helen barely thought about what she was doing as
she was gripped by the film. After another 20 minutes or so
the film was reaching its dramatic conclusion and Helen was
on the edge of her seat with excitement, in the current
scene the leading lady to was in a tight situation and was
lighting a cigarette to calm her down, almost instinctively
Helen’s mind to made the same conclusion as the leading
ladies as Helen reached for her cigarettes and lit up her
eyes barely leaving the TV, as she lit the cigarette and
inhaled she left the cigarette between her lips while she
placed the lighter back on the coffee table and as she
settled pack into the sofa performed yet another double
pump before removing the cigarette from her lips engrossed
by the film. Gripped by the ending Helen finished her
cigarette in record time, although she was oblivious to
this, already after only a few cigarettes Helen’s
upbringing and exposure to smoking had made her a natural
and she was taking to it like a duck to water, although her
inhales were not as deep as her mothers her style was
almost identical. As the credits rolled Helen had tears in
her eyes, she didn’t normally cry at films but this had
been a good one, using a tissue she wiped her face and blew
her nose, then without a thought she extracted a cigarette
from the pack and lit up, when she completed her dangle and
double pump she froze. Removing the cigarette from her lips
she realised just what any watcher would have, had there
been anyone there, she was just like her mother, mannerisms
and everything. She stared at the cigarette smouldering in
her hand, the light up, dangle and double pump that was how
her mother started every cigarette. “Jesus I better take
things easy, this smoking is to easy to fall in love with”
she said to herself. “I’ll just finish this one and then
leave it for today, may be I’ll have a couple in a few days
or something” she thought to herself, all the while not
really believing the words coming out of her mouth. Helen
had to admit to herself as she went upstairs to hide the
packet of Marlboro’s that she didn’t expect to enjoy
smoking so much. For the next hour or so the packet of
Marlboro’s hidden in her bookcase began to become a nagging
itch in the back of her mind, it was nearing the time for
her parents to return but the voice in her head saying
“Just one more “ was really getting loud, leaving the
lounge she raced up to her room and grabbed the pack from
behind her bookshelf, knowing full well her parents could
be back anytime now she opened her bedroom window as wide
as it would go to let the smoke out and lit up, straight
away she felt a calm descend over her as the smoke hit her
lungs, searching around her room quickly she found an empty
glass that could serve as a place for her to put her ash
and sat on her bed near the window to try to keep the smoke
in her room to a minimum. Being in her bedroom a new
opportunity reared its head, her full length-dressing
mirror was the perfect opportunity to see herself smoke for
the first time, as per her conclusion earlier she really
did look like a miniature version of her mother, she
actually started to take a little pride in this as for
someone who had only just started to smoke she had a
definite style and grace to her, some girls can make
smoking look so ugly she thought as her mind thought of the
girls smoking behind the bike sheds or at the bus stop at
school. Helen had just disposed of her spent butt when she
saw her mothers car turn into their street, still slightly
buzzed by the nicotine she rushed down stairs and threw
herself onto the sofa to make it look like she’d been
watching TV all day. It was a special dinner that night at
home as her father was working away driving to Europe for
the next couple of weeks so they wouldn’t see him for some
time, the evening passed mostly uneventfully although
watching her mother and father smoke did start to get
annoying for Helen, as the evening went on her mind strayed
more and more to the pack in her bookshelf. They all went
up to bed at the same time that evening and after kissing
her parents goodnight and saying her goodbyes to her father
who would be leaving early Helen closed the door on her
bedroom and as quietly as possible locked it from inside.
Immediately she grabbed her Marlboro’s and glass switched
off the lights and opened her window, it was a cold night
but Helen wanted a cigarette so bad after watching her
parents smoke all night that she was prepared to brave the
cold for her new found cause. As before she lit up inhaled
deeply and while she placed the cigarettes and lighter back
in the bookshelf she let the cig dangle from her lips and
prior to removing the Marlboro from her lips she performed
her now becoming customary double pump before removing it
from her lips, she sighed with enjoyment as the thick smoke
hit her lungs and the nicotine was absorbed by her lungs,
as the smoke drifted from her lips it swirled in the cold
air highlighted by the street lamp outside, without doubt
she thought as she extinguished the spent butt, that was
the best cigarette yet. And as she undressed and curled up
into bed she drifted of to sleep happy in her new role in
life as a smoker.
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